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If you are responsible for wine sales in the wine distribution, retail or hospitality sectors, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your wine sales concentrated on the low-value end of your range?
  • Are your staff members confident to answer queries and recommend wines?
  • Do your customers know more about wine than your own staff?
  • Do you have new staff who haven’t yet had training?
  • Are you entering for an award where wine knowledge & service is critical?
  • Do back office staff need basic wine knowledge?
  • Do you have commitments to deliver wine training as part of HR plans?
  • Are you aware that funding may be available for staff wine training?

Asking someone to sell wine without any wine knowledge is like asking a chef to cook a dish which he has never tasted.  You will get a result, but it can never equal the potential sale having tasted the product.  “You can always tell when a rep is trying to sell you something he has never tasted.” – Off licence owner, north Dublin.

In addition, research conducted by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust showed that a €3,000 investment delivered a 11% increase in sales value to a leading UK retailer, where education AND training was combined.

Premier Wine Training builds on the actual taste & story behind the wine by focussing on the all-important sell-through process. Premier Wine Training has significant experience in providing commercially-sound wine training, and provides modules for

  • Wine distributors
  • Off-trade sector
  • On-trade sector

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