Restaurant wine lists

Peter McCombie

Master of Wine, Peter McCombie recently convinced Irish restaurateurs to adopt lower profit margins on wine.   At a recent trade event hosted by Searsons, 1 out of 3 restaurateurs said they would consider cash margins rather than percentage margin, for premium-priced wines. Peter McCombie was the guest speaker on ‘Creating Profitable Wine Lists’.  He has […]


Buying wine for Christmas

Buying wine for Christmas

Buying wine in Dublin for Christmas? One week to go! Take the risk out of buying expensive wines with a few recommendations, based on wines which have made a big impression at my wine tastings and wine courses this year: Molloys Liquor Stores: If you like Rhone wines, you are in the right place. Look […]

Taste some new Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Dare I say it, but is the fashion for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc on the wane?  A wine course group were lukewarm towards a super-zippy Kiwi ‘Sav’ recently. I was taken aback when my girlfriends turned down a second bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon when out to dinner recently.  We opted instead for a Sauvignon […]