Premier Wine Training reviews

With scheduled wine courses now coming to an end for the summer break, I thought I would take some time to look back on the last six months, since I started running wine courses in Dublin for my new business, Premier Wine Training.

Although I have taught for over 13 years for the Wine Development Board, last September I was approved to run WSET wine courses. The Wine & Spirit Education Trust is referred to by Robert Parker as the leading supplier of wine education to the trade.  I am delighted to say that everyone who sat their WSET Level 1 and Level 2 exams has passed, many of them achieving Merits and Distinctions in the latter.

Some great feedback for the WSET programme have been:

‘Having done the WSET Intermediate course, I don’t know how anyone could work in an off licence and not have done this course.’ – Michelle O’F

 “I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in wine either from a business point of view or just an interest in knowing a little more about the wine they are drinking” – C. Gilmore.

Not everyone who studies this course is from the trade.  Here is what David O’H said:

“It is invaluable for understanding what to expect from buying wine: Removing the mystique surrounding French wines was also great, I now feel I can now walk into a wine store with confidence, go up to the French section and know when I pick up a bottle; what varietal I’m looking at and exactly where in France it was produced.”

I have found the WSET Foundation Certificate (Level 1) extremely beneficial and to the point.  I ran this as an in-house course, and it was incredibly rewarding for me to see a group of waiting staff change from being reluctant to serve wines to becoming enthusiastic and quite vocal!  The timeframe for this was two afternoons.

“the level of preparation in tailoring the course to our specific bar was first class.”- Johnny M.

The one-day wine tasting course also seems to be a winner among wine enthusiasts, particularly as a gift for wine enthusiasts, as one person commented:

“it’s a very comprehensive whistle stop tour of wines.”

“Initially, I would have thought I knew quite a bit, but in fact, this one day session showed up how much I actually didn’t know.”

I think my course is great, and I was thrilled when a really good review of this course popped up on

“Maureen who is also the owner… is very open, pleasant and very easy to listen to. It’s obvious she has a wealth of experience of all things about wine AND VERY IMPORTANT – how to present her material in an interesting, thoughtful and engaging fashion. She also took and answered all questions from the floor quite expertly without taking away from the flow of the session which is the mark of an expert facilitator.

* a great mix of theory and practical sessions – we examined about 10 best in class wines.”

I am constantly tweaking this course, based on feedback – the latest addition was a quiz, which showed people just how much they learned in a day.  Click through here to see what we did on Saturday 5th May last.

From a personal point of view, I have thoroughly enjoyed giving these wine courses, and know that each person will be better able to buy wine and enjoy wine as a result.  A little knowledge for a lifetime’s enjoyment of wine!

Thanks to everyone also for recommending me to colleagues & friends interesting in learning more about wine.