Pork & Wine

pork & wine

It used to be said that pork should only be eaten if there is an ‘R’ in the month. I checked with my local butcher who assured me that this hasn’t been the case for many years. I then bought some man-size pork chops off the rib from him, which were juicy and delicious, a […]


Napa wine and food experience

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Last year’s wine highlight for me was a long-overdue visit to California, where I spent a week in the Napa valley. Hot days, tempered by foggy mornings, shade from the mountains to the east and west, precious alluvial fans, and altitude variations up to 2,600 feet create a very special environment for quality Cabernets and […]

Food and wine matching for Christmas


What to drink over Christmas? The short answer is anything you like really. If you follow some food and wine matching guidelines, however, you will notice that your wines take on a totally different dimension, as individual components synthesise to create a pitch-perfect sublime harmony on your palate. Starters frequently feature shellfish – generally a […]

Goat’s cheese and Sauvignon Blanc

Talking to people in the wine business, it is obvious that Sauvignon Blanc is THE fashionable grape variety of 2010!  Typically dry, with good acidity and, depending on where it is grown, oozing with herbaceous and tropical fruit character (Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc) or showing elegant mineral character with some grassiness (Loire Valley).  Add an extra dimension to your Sauvignon […]