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WSET world production

If you can imagine the island of Ireland covered in vineyards, this is roughly the same footprint as the world’s vineyard area.  Okay, so tag on an extra County Cork for good measure and you will come close to the real figure of 7.5 million hectares of vines in the world, which bear grapes.   Although […]


Zenato Wines

Alberto Zenato and Maureen OHara 150x150

Zenato wines greatly impressed me at a recent wine tasting. Quality was consistently high across the  range of red and white wines. Moreover, on re-tasting the humble Valpolicella after the delight of Amarone, the quality still hummed.  A good sign! Alberto Zenato, who heads the family-owned business, kindly gave a wine tasting for Premier Wine […]

Premier Wine Training offers bursaries for WSET wine courses

WSET approved provider

Premier Wine Training is offering over €1,500 worth of bursaries for its WSET wine courses. Two bursaries are for WSET Intermediate Certificate courses (worth €425 each), and one for the WSET Advanced Certificate course (worth €695). The Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is the “leading provider of vocational training in the UK” and around the […]

Letting wines breathe

wine glassware

Is there a benefit in letting a wine breathe? This is a frequently asked question at wine tastings. The answer is generally yes for red wines, as oxygen in the air allows aromas to develop. However, the amount of air which is allowed through the neck of a bottle is minimal. In this scenario, there […]

Napa wine and food experience

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Last year’s wine highlight for me was a long-overdue visit to California, where I spent a week in the Napa valley. Hot days, tempered by foggy mornings, shade from the mountains to the east and west, precious alluvial fans, and altitude variations up to 2,600 feet create a very special environment for quality Cabernets and […]

Premier Wine Training introduce gift vouchers

gift vouchers

A little learning for a lifetime’s enjoyment of wine…a gift voucher for a wine course or a wine tasting day is a perfect present.   Give the gift of a lifetime to someone who you know will really appreciate it.  Choosing Premier Wine Training guarantees an entertaining wine course with lots of learning thrown in.  Choose between […]