Wine Stories from Down Under

Forget about canopy management, malo-lactic fermentation and basket presses, and discover stories behind your favourite wines.  Australian wine is the most popular wine by far in Ireland.  It is larger than the whole of Europe, yet we tend to see it as a country, rather than a continent, and forget that there isn’t one, but a range of wine styles within this.  

Australia is awash with great winemakers - real characters, who fought against ferocious heat, drought, kangaroos and powerful industry bodies to create some of the world’s best wines today.  The quality of wines also owes a lot to sharing of winemaking knowledge, and the Aussies stand head and shoulders above any other winemaking country for that. 

But of course, they like to talk, and with that in mind, Wine Australia has added a lovely new website, full of their best stories.  Visit to find out more about legends like Peter Lehmann, regions like the Margaret River. There’s a great section on learning about wine.  Good on Ya mates!

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