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WSET world production

If you can imagine the island of Ireland covered in vineyards, this is roughly the same footprint as the world’s vineyard area.  Okay, so tag on an extra County Cork for good measure and you will come close to the real figure of 7.5 million hectares of vines in the world, which bear grapes.   Although […]


WSET in Dublin

WSET logo

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust is coming to Dublin to spread the news about its programme of wine education.  It’s a great opportunity to meet with members and find out what WSET wine courses can do for your career and your business. Monday 19th October 2015, Ely Bar & Brasserie at IFSC, from 6.30pm. […]

Lidl wine recommendations

Richard bampfield

“How would you rate wines from Lidl?” is a question I am asked more frequently of Lidl than any other store.  In the last 10 years Lidl’s cheap wines have been a massive influence in buying wine in Ireland. Finding the cheapest gluggable wine has become a national pastime and conversation piece.  After a wine tasting of Lidl’s range, my […]

Premier Wine Training reviews

Maureen OHara

With scheduled wine courses now coming to an end for the summer break, I thought I would take some time to look back on the last six months, since I started running wine courses in Dublin for my new business, Premier Wine Training. Although I have taught for over 13 years for the Wine Development […]